the jusTice initiative
the jusTice initiative


The jusTice initiative, was founded in 2010 with the aim of encouraging and inspiring others to apply their Christian faith to the important work of creating and contributing to just communities around the world. We are based in Gloucester, United Kingdom, and work closely with Redcliffe College, Latin Link and a number of justice-related organisations.


As people of faith we seek to understand the life-enhancing vision of our faith in God in the light of the key social, economic, political and environmental issues of our time and reflect on what that means for the Christian community.


We hope that this site will play a part in extending your vision and encouraging you to formulate responses to the injustice you encounter. 


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what others are saying about the initiative

"Justice is still the ugly sister in theological education.  This is an awful tragedy because it remains one of the most pervasive ideas and convictions in the Bible.  Our reluctance to go beyond acts of kindness to explore and respond to systemic injustices has a great deal to do with a distinct lack of theological reflection...the jusTice Initiative is attempting to put that right and deserves our support. A more robust biblical reflection on this critical issue will produce a generation of men and women who are truly able to show the whole council of God, make a substantial difference to our biblical advocacy and in turn, make a material difference to the 1.4 billion people who still live in abject poverty."


Joel Edwards, International Director of Micah Challenge



"The jusTice Initiative is a significant expression of the Christian sympathy for the world’s wounds. It aims to deepen insights and biblically inspire a strengthened commitment to live justly."


Dr Marijke Hoek, Co-editor of Micah's Challenge and Head of Theology, Evangelical Alliance UK


"It has been very encouraging to see Redcliffe College integrate justice into student curricula and to offer greater in-depth study for all who are seeking to understand God’s heart for justice. We very much endorse the JusTice Initiative and are thrilled to have Redcliffe College as a member who is helping lead the way in equipping Christians to engage and advocate for justice."


Sheryl Haw, International Director of Micah Network



"The JusTice Initiative enables theology students to examine their faith in the light of their world's most pressing issues and to be equipped to explore these issues in ministry to others. Our expectation is that it will contribute to developing attitudes and behaviour in many more people that will promise creative and justice answers to our human dilemmas."


Sue Richardson, Senior Regional Co-ordinator and Church Relations Officer, Christian Aid 




You can find short articles, newsletters and items of news and information on our blog, accessed at the link below:-


jusTice blog




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welcome to the jusTice initiative - thinking, writing and speaking on issues of justice, advocacy and reconciliation as part of the Christian community within the context of mission

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